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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

playing Hide and Seek
with reality
deliberately creating surreal moments
sewing them together
with suspicious web works
to create a sticky fabric
that catches all of Truth’s
insectious annoying nuances
that they may starve
and die
and not upset the show
that is playing in the theatres
of my mind

up and close
and personal
we now have the man
who thought he was
and almost convinced the world
that he was not
how he saw himself”

and there is a plethora of wealth
we all have
that allows us to buy new suits
new costumes
new wardrobes
so that we do not get bored
with the same outfits
and the same old stories
and scripts
that are spoken
from the lips of our souls

would that be an actual
or another infatuation
with the lies
we realize
in the fabrication
we have deemed real

are we but jester
with painted faces
and colorful uniforms
and bizarre outfits
trying to fit into
some magical fairy tale world
of happily ever after

fuck it
if it don’t fit
force that bitch
just bend life over
and give it a nudge from behind

some like getting it from behind
and they will go out and buy the lubricant
over and over again
so that their so called friends
can wear smiles

and while i am doing so
let me count the tile again
upon the floor
where my sunshine has fallen
from the sky
and i ask why
as i have done
since i can remember
but i can not remember
last September
for i have chosen to forget
the shit
my life has become

so i play . . . Hide and Seek

© 26 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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