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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Invasion of the Light

Invasion of the Light

the light has been watching us
for aeons
attempting to guide us
to the heart of matter
but we clung to the illusion

pinned upon the canopy of consciousness
twinkling as Stars
in our dark nights
hoping we would notice
and hear
the resonance
within our souls
did we listen ?

no we chose to dream
of that which Soul knew

we know of Heaven
for it resides in all things
but only within
has it not been diluted
by our feeble attempts
to define our selves

without we have substituted our divinity
with delusion
seeking to build our esteems
of worthiness
upon foundations in the sands
of time
yet time is a construct as well
as is space
for naught lies betwixt
the Progenitor
my Father and i

our lights have been cloaked
in veils of deceits
that we have ingested
and never tested
for authenticity
until now

and we stand
searching for certainty
and certainly
we know
there is something grande
about man

and in our darkness
we stand
with the eye of Horus
that we are blinded
by the light

walking this crooked path
homeward bound
we clown
with such things as doctrine
temples of visions
with no basis

and the faces of the children
have lost our trust
in the divine
that is thine and mine

so now
the light
to resurrect the sum
of who we are

will we stand
or cower in the shadows
that are short lived

for now proceeds forth
piercing the night
the invasion of the light

© 23 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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