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Sunday, September 4, 2011

a dream with my love

a dream with my love

it is about 6 AM
a rainy Wednesday morning
half awake
for no apparent reason

no agendas
no office
no telephone calls
no beaming sunshine
through the window shades
just incessant solace
the sound of the pitter patter
of raindrops abundant
ushers presence upon our spirits

you in my eyes
i in yours
smiling souls
grateful for this eternal moment

crumple sheets
strewn about our bodies
400 count i think
but who is counting who has time to think of such things
when we have “this” moment

memories of Morning’s
dim gray twilight
our bodies entangled
breathing each others ecstasy

and the exchange
of our urgency
our fervency
to become closer
than our bodies would allow
but we tried just the same
while calling each other’s name
and Gods

our reverent approach
to that garden’s gate
where our longings
were to be satiated

and we tasted the fruit
and the juices
of our passionate flowing
wasting not a single drop

and now
the heavens are crying
the pitter patter of the rain
a noise just above the somber silence
of our gracious hearts
beating to love’s rhythms

heaven’s tears of anguish
that comes
with such a heightened bliss
and each kiss we share
reminds us of this moment
we have shared
within the infiniteness

and we smile
we come together
and we kiss
paying sacred homage
at 6 AM
on this rainy Wednesday morning

a dream with my love

© 1 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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