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Thursday, September 1, 2011



we all seek to transcend
to a place
where smiles are the apparel of the day
upon the faces
not only of children
but of self reflections

the world
and it’s deflections
of our joys
and reminds of the burdens
of the “Illusions”
and we fight them
by taking flight from them
in our fanciful constructions
of alternatives
we call dreams

and it seems
that all balloons
filled with our hopes
loose their light air
sooner or later
and the Darth Vaders within
show up again
replacing our brief glees
with uncertain realities
we accept as me

but i am so much more
the child cries
as it scratches at the walls
of the closet
of our inhibited consciousness’

the terror of
“and this is it”
“is this all there is”
shakes our souls
and we know for sure
that something integral
something divine
which is mine
needs to fully awaken
that which somehow
we have forsaken
can unveil it’s regality
effecting new realities
or surrealities
at the least

but the beast of delusions
wounded with the contusions
of myth
and teachings
and propaganda
stands ominously
at the closet door
with no empathy
for the crying child inside

yet death will not come
that of the regenerative source
nor the temporal death
of this existential charade
nor the end
of the discordant music
in the parade

we just pick up new instruments
and sing different songs
hoping to simply play that “ONE” note
that will help us
free us
that we may

© 1 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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