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Sunday, September 4, 2011

an allegory

i left Heaven in search of Eden. i was seeking  the Wonder of all Creation.
what i found . . . in every circumspective footstep, in every reflection . . . i was the Wonder of Eden, i  was what i always sought.


an allegory

like the Prodigal Son
i left home
seeking an uncertain wonder
that lie beyond

the rumors
and myths
and stories told
enticed me
to come see
for my self

i gathered my wealth
or so i thought
and i bought me a ticket
and the gate keeper clicked it
and let me slide on down
to this mound of ground
and water
you call earth
where the children
supposedly are filled with mirth

what i found
on this mound you call ground
was quite amusing at first
those spirits were tight
and terse
i immersed my self
in this playground
on this mound you call ground

as time went by
i lost my zeal
for the light of appeal
with obligations
and tools
people used
against each other
yet somehow
they managed to call each other
Sister and Brother
they use a different Dictionary i see
not the kind we used
back where i’m from

and to sum it up
i emptied my cup
and filled it with
and Doubts
and Fears
and many other
and delusions
i collected as truths
over the years

this slow place of the slowed beings
are not seeing
the light
but the reflection
in circumspection
of our introspection

for when we do happen
to look within
we again
will come to realize
that our eyes fools us
trust me
we never left home

and the Prodigal Son
is but another allegory
a Story
for wayward wonderers
such as you and i

© 5 September 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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