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Thursday, July 7, 2011

the Yoke ain’t even

the Yoke ain’t even

me and my inner child
locked in the closet
surrounded by all my eccentric foibles
and delusions
dancing in concentric circles
making mud puddles
of what once was clear

was it fear
that overrode our sensibilities
the appeasing
or the feasible
for which we willing
to sacrifice our better judgment

was i distracted
or sedated
when they slipped
the yoke of doctrines
and teachings
around my “Wonder”
choking of the air to my dreams
the very same air
that is required that they may fly home
where they become one
with reality . . .my reality

somewhere along this path we call life
my Zeal became a part time Soldier
in the war against my complacency
and docility
and blind acceptance

i no longer could muster
any of the busters
who enlisted in my army
to go fight for my democracy
in the name of patriotism
for there was a schism
betwixt my beliefs
and believing
that the dreams you taught me to dream
were not deceiving me

do i live
just to pay the tax
you demanded all breathing bodies
to exact
for the right to be here

i fear there may be more truth
to my lunacy that i am willing to admit
and this day you will not be acquitted
for i have submitted my soul
to judgment
and in the Court of appeal
my zeal met me at the door
and together we counted the score
and we want reparations
right after our liberation
from that yoke
you slipped around our neck

the Yoke ain’t even

© 6 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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