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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the quickening

the quickening

there are many pass lives
we have lived
and karma is
yet still outstanding
that our souls seek
now to rectify

forgiveness of self
evades us
at times
as we align
to the prevailing righteousness
of all things

the universe sings
listen to it’s resonance
the Holy of presence
found in your “Here”

fear now fears itself
for life sentences
are being doled out
and all stains
are being bleached away
as if they have never been

and the illusions of sin
as told
before the eyes
of “Sources’s” truths

and the eternal youth that we are
dances freely
uninhibited by shadows,
for the Light to come
no longer will tolerate them
and their lurking
about it’s children

we have learned
to see Love’s divinity
in all things
and as we acknowledge Her regality
she graciously adorns us with Gifts
of greater understandings
and insights
that we too are lights
upon the delusions
of the night,
that veil
that incarnation
has dressed our consciousness with

and as we make this shift
allowance is not a choice
save other than to make
the fit a bit
more easeful

be please and full to know
that the show has now started
take a seat and watch
as all you thought you knew
begins to part ways
with what we thought we were

and the Stars
of what once were
a twinkling night sky
a fabric woven of hope
for wayward Souls
will finish eating their holes
into the canopy
exposing the dreams of the good
of the souls of all men
and once again
another millennium
of being
shall come to pass at last
in the quickening

© 26 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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