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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Practicing Silence

Practicing Silence

For me, Silence, Complete Silence is still a realm i have not yet conquered, or should i say achieved. We have all perhaps heard that old axiom “Silence is Golden”. In striving to arrive at that place there are many obstacles, challenges and discoveries to be had along the journey. In the various forms of meditation i have practiced, i have become aware of deeper levels of quietness, but “Silence” remains quite elusive.

The first stage of listening or quieting as i like to say, i first encounter the “inner chatter”. Mind is constantly talking, evaluating, judging, discerning, assessing perspectives and values on any “thing” that penetrates it’s realm of consciousness. It seems that when “Mind” exhausts its self of things, it immediately goes out foraging for more things. If that fails, it goes into the “Creative” mode and does so.  What i have found works for me, it the simple principal of “Non Engagement”. If i just embody my presence and ability to simply observe, usually the things of etheric type existence usually dissipate back to the nothingness from which they were spawned.

Around us, all of life, all of Creation Manifest speaks, has a voice, resonates energies, and these are audible at some level of our awareness. Such things a Trees, Plants, Rocks even have a voice, or should i say a perceptible resonance that we are at some stage of existence capable of receiving. I call this voice. What one wishes to term this vibration matters not much, but the point is they do exist. Even the collection of matter which forms our Mind and Bodies has it’s own individual resonance. We hear so often that we must listen to our bodies, our inner thoughts and the world about us. I say “True”!

So when i seek to achieve “Silence”, that place where all is Golden, perhaps that is the Gold the Ancients and Mystics of Old spoke of, to hear the whisperings of God / Source that can be found in all things. It is only through practice that one can attain such levels or should i say “Absence of Levels” and arrive in that sacred place where all of Creation speaks and “IS”-ness which is Truth.  Practice Silence and Hear.

© 28 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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