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Saturday, July 30, 2011

we need words

we need words

man is intrigued by words
a collections of sounds
some guttural
some barely utterable
by those that speak not
the languages of acceptance

every one has something to say
some can
many can not
many speak
just to demonstrate that they can

words serve a greater purpose
listen to me
said “Mr. Esteem”

words help us speak
our dreams to others
our brothers who we in turn attempt
to convince to walk the path
we have chosen for them

a token of gratitude for listening

funny collections of sounds
laced together
by purpose
of liberation
or restraint

they are those high browed ones
like myself and you
who look down
upon the standards of others
if they speak not as we do

tools of communication
when did the word
more important than the message ?

very viable weapons
some are very apt in their use
they let loose
barrages of  artillery
aimed at destroying
the villages of men’s souls
decimating their reason
for no apparent reason
other than to substantiate
their own prowess
over stupidity
and non connectivity
to and empathy

they do this
as they are deploying
their own death
in speaking
for they speak death
and life flees their mouth
for their intent filled thoughts
are oriented to self alone
an empty home
found in their cerebral contemplations

and there are no bones in the cupboard
for Rover
or Mother Hubbard
that she may at least
feed the beast
the Dogs of Dominion
filled with empty words
and seasoned opinions
that makes for tasteless meals
would you eat them ?

not all words speak life
or do they ?
new life
evolution of thought
destruction and construction
in one guttural utterance
a sentence
of life

filled with condemnation
and every type of  “tion”
one can think of
or create

let’s make up some new ones
the old ones tire
and are losing their ability
and fire
to make a better world

we need words
that move mountains
and make them skip across the landscapes
and gather their own Mustard Seeds
words that birth deeds
and weeds it’s own gardens
of goodness

we need more words

oh my goodness
did i say that ?

we need more words ?

© 28 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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