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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ashes to ashes . . . dust

This Poem and it's Social Commentary was inspired by the Song "Angel Dust" by Gil Scott-Heron

ashes to ashes . . . dust

he had dusted
and got busted
cause he trusted
that dusting would take him
from this place where he felt he did not belong
and it did

what is the song of anguish
being played in our conflicted soul
that makes us feel less than whole

who speaks the language we understand
where are the words that fulfill this demand
for solace
and peace
will the pain ever cease?

so we take another toke
in hopes that the yoke
of this Oxen is relieved

did i not believe what you told me?
when it did not deliver me
as you said
you put another word in my head
and you tested me
and i ingested what you said see
and you called it Faith

do i have to die for it to work
for i need to see
through the muck, murk and mire
i was to embrace my desire

i never did see that Pot of Gold
at the end of any Rainbow
have you ?

so we take another toke
in hopes that the yoke
of this Oxen is relieved
for that is what you told me to believe
and you gave me a cross

was that cross for me
will you nail me too
to all the doctrines that are askew
i am in need of something new
cause i think you knew
that what you fed me
would not do
and still my soul’s pigments
are in the indigo blue realm
with you at the helm of my ship

and though the lips
of the saints are moving
and alluding that they are praying
just what are they saying
and to whom
we have assumed
that God was here
but out side of our Fears and Doubts
isn’t He, She, It always ?

and the days get longer
and we work at making our faith stronger
so that we but endure

and i look upon the myriad of men
who hold to these doctrines
time and time again
mitigating their way
through a life you say
is filled with sin
and no one really wins
in the end

and in the meantime
“HE” is over there Dusting
to forget the days he was Trusting
and now he wants out
and somehow . . .
he is going to make it
one way or another

yes he will return
ashes to ashes . . . dust

© 5 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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