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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

and she cried . . .

and she cried . . . .

it could have been determined “terminal”
for her thoughts brought death to her hope
and it slowly poisoning
the last vestiges of her dreams
the sacred ones
she has had with her since childhood

no one who knew her
could quite understand
and neither could she
the insanity
and the feelings
that had her soul reeling
begging for solace
found only in the company
of what is real

there was an energy within
an enemy within
who seemed to be in opposition
to her highest good
that which she felt
she was fated for
and she waited for

but somehow
had life taken a turn
in the dark moments
of her pain,
her anguished heart,
and altered her positivity
by drawing it through
that miniscule aperture
we see our self through
the reverse reflection of self
found only
in that tainted looking glass
of Anti-Soul
that “Zero” hole
of Blackness

was this a truth she was facing
was it ultimate
or was it
just a phase

crazed in places
where she use to be amazed
with spaces
of joy and wonder

was she on
some undisclosed path
that required this
reverse epiphany
that moved her from
Light to that of the Oblique
where the abyss
is swallowed by the void
deployed by some energy
but to consume who we are

she was weak
she tired of the fight
yet still
she was seeking answers
before the last breath
of her Dreams died

and she cried . . . .

© 13 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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