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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Holidays . . . a message . . .

My Dear Friends and Family,

Though the coming Holiday, the 4th of July specifically commemorates the “Liberation” of the 13 colonies from Mother England, it’s significance, “Liberation” is far more reaching. When i consider the aspects and characteristics of “Freedom” i must first have a look at myself. In doing so what i am searching for are all the restraints, Bonds, Boundaries and Labels of imposed Restrictions we as Humanity endure. Many of these limitations are “Self Imposed” by way of my own Perspectives, Beliefs and Allowances. Others are a part of the unfortunate scheme of Humanity and it’s Social Structures and Hierarchies.

As we are definitely in the midst of Change, Revolutionary Times in our awareness of such Paradigms as Humanity, Mother Earth, Religion and Politics, i believe we must also be aware that it is we, the People, the Souls who have the Power to bring about this New Age Way of Life by employing the best of who we are . . . . and i speak of our personal Elevation of the Vibration of Love.  Now i know i am “Preaching to the Choir”, so therefore i will cut this short and simply wish each and every one of you the Gift of Realization . . .  that you / we are so much more that what we know ourselves to be.

With that said, i am so looking forward to the “Actualizing Times” of our “Greater Goodness” and the communion of our Souls to that end. May we embrace Every Day in acknowledgement of Freedom . . .

Blessings Of Love to you

Celebrate your Higher Self


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