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Sunday, July 3, 2011

yet i am reverent

painting by Susie Ian  aka  Crystalin

yet i am reverent

in this reverent collection
of moments
i reflection
i open my treasure
that of my heart
that my soul may let forth it’s pleasures

i pour these words
of love
upon the paper before me
in love
for love
for love is my longing

i am missing her
e’en in the midst of embrace
and i can not help
but think of the absence
of her face
and the taste of her lips
nor her softly curved hips
that entice me to do naught
but dream of her
e’en in my waking walking

my visions are only of her
as is my talking, my speech

and each time i am in her presence
all i can do is give thanks
for i am grateful
to have been chosen
to be touched
by such lovely a spirit

since the dawn of time
her rhymes have imbued me
wooed me
moved me
soothed me
and cued me
into action
to pursue her
and i never tire
for that fire
she has lit in my soul
ebbs not

and as clever as i may be
i still not can see
how i can fully possess thee
my love
for you be
ever elusive
non conclusive
non seclusive
but never abusive
save that of my incompleteness
without you

and i know
that i can never be whole
from Soul to Sole

the path i tread seems pointless
and though i know
the destination i vie for
and i die each day for
i must implore
that you con and save quick
and fix
that place where you have been torn
from my awareness
for i fair not
in thy absence

and nothing makes sense
which is why
in recompense
i sit and exact
these words of Soul Speak
for i am becoming weak
and weaker
if thou feed me not
yet i am reverent

© 3 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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