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Friday, July 1, 2011

a tear for the child

a tear for the child

in the pool of anguish
upon the beach
the child stood
feet getting wetted
by the tears of their forefathers
unaware of the rising tide

all they saw
was the endless sands
of possibilities
and opportunities
to build Castles

Castles that teased the surf
of uncertain realities
not yet quite grasping
the law of the Ocean

there are things that will wash into your life
and wash out again
just like the shells buried in that sand
most broken
some halved
few intact and whole
all empty inside

the scavengers of life looming above
hanging ominously
ready to swoop
looking for their own opportunities
for a free meal
a stolen parcel
does not matter at whose expense

but they spread their wings
using our air
their air
and the breeze of it all
the currents of life
such as that of the Ocean
that rises and falls
in it’s cyclic essence

the Sun still watches
and warms us
warms all things

and the Children upon the Beach
are impervious
as their “Futures”
loom as well
patiently waiting to inform them
tell them
of the meaning of growing up

and i shed a tear or two for this child
one of anguish
and one of hope
and i too pensive desires
that our tears will collect
upon that beach
and form a pool
and never rise any higher
and drown the dreams
nor wash away their Castles
as they embrace the endless possibilities
upon their beach

© 1 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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