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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

askewed . . .


i sit
and i watch
my consciousness climbing
the slippery slopes
of awareness

should i care less
or more

i seek that ever elusive prize
embodied in silence
a place void of noise
and voices
and the absence of demand
for choices
this day

in this solace i seek
i have peeked
and saw peace
and the ambiance
of that which pleases
all restless souls
like me

i smile at the company i keep
i smile with them as well
as we laugh at our selves
and our insipidness
for we have again
taken the litmus test
and never arrived
at any conclusion
satisfactory to the teacher
whosoever that may be

and the myriad of preachers
found around
and about
are abound
with knowledge
of their own making
as they are partaking
of the strange fruit
that even the Serpent won’t eat
forsaking all semblance
of sense
even for this dense vibration

and the considerations
one embraces
in what we call a normal life,
whatever that may be,
have lost it’s supposed sanctity,
for just about every thing
is reverent these days to someone
some where

and cares are exacted
in new places,
that one’s existence
may have value,
but who is judging
and to what end,
does it really change the end

people defending the illusion
with their contusive banter
speaking of what they see
in their private epiphany
while wielding unlit lanterns
in the abysmal halls
of their own “mind-stuff”
filled with a “present absence”
while lapsing betwixt realities
of foreclosed revelatory processes
and unfired synapses
and impotent neurons

and i can identify
for most times i too
have lost some agility
in calculating
my own journey to actualization

and for most times
i spend my spent energy
taking notes
and just watching . . .

just watching
my consciousness climbing
the slippery slopes
of awareness

© 12 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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