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Thursday, July 28, 2011

the Drum Beats

the Drum beats

she was struggling
the luggage
of all the things
she thought she ever was
thinks she is
and dreams of what she wanted to be

embracing expressions of self
yet disconnected
from being authentic

dressing her persona in costumes
attempting to gather applauses
from her private audience
those she invited
and allowed
to view
her personally created charade

and much like the parade
she often participated in
dressed up for
she remained askew
of her truth
and she knew it
so she dreamed

she played with dolls
in her make believe world
where she was the Director
and critic

and as Vin in
“The Chronicles of Riddick”
she too wanted
to see through the dark
but she would not open her eyes

all things considered
she preferred the disguise
for in her
appeals to her soul
she was allowed to play these games
creating names
for her other aspects of self
and all those other adjectives
we embrace
so as not to taste
the bitterness
responsibility often sets
upon the tables of our reason
that we may eat
and be fortified
and thus
in our union
with our stirring
and awakening

she struggled
like we most do
carrying the luggage
we have collected
in our elected
eccentric choices

and we blamed it on the absence
of the Porters
and the Voices
within who we say induced us
seduced us
as we blindly gave our trust
to the visions of others

and now we are confronted
with the need to reconcile
the false smiles
we wore through the years
the myriad of tears
and face the fears
that gave us small comforts
that we may endure

and we took what we got
but in truth
we never forgot
who we were
and it ate at the core
and began to fester
and rot
that the need for purging
should evolve

so here we are
with unnecessary luggage
that can not be taken
to the next age
where all is of spirit
the Drum beats
do you hear it

© 26 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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