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Sunday, July 3, 2011

deep within

Painting by Susie Ian aka Crystalin

deep within

in the deepest most recesses of Soul
there is peace
enshrouded in the cloak of conflict

i feel compelled to disrobe
that the full nakedness
of my regality be exposed
let truth come to the light
of it’s self

it is time for reconciliation
full disclosure
to the faces of illusion
let not my delusions
hinder my courage

the porridge is being served
and we must eat
for this meal has been prepared
and sat waiting upon the tables
of our consciousness far too long
and awareness alone will no longer suffice

let the device of our actualizations
come to fruition
cast aside our intuitions
for we always knew

and you
and i
can no longer hide
behind the auspiciousness of Gifts

for when the rift
reaches our places of being
it is not the “Seeing”
that will save us
from the fall in the void
nor will it deliver us
back home

yes, we have roamed
in this realm of quixotic uncertainty
convincing ourselves of
certain validities
that never really were real
and we did feel the dark coldness
of the lies and deceits
for we were unable to complete
or manifest
the quest
our absent DNA spoke of
in love

and as i said
and as has been told
many eons ago
this is what we came for
the treasure
of unrequited pleasures
of being reunited with source

and of course
we will remain restless
and it will not cease
until we find the path within
that allows us to de-cloak
that peace
that resides
deep within the recesses of our Soul

deep within

© 2 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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