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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

for this is who i am

for this is who i am

a billion stars
can not contain
my hopes
my dreams
for love

my aspirations
are more plenteous
than air itself
yet i breath
in the possibilities
of the eternities
of all men
who have ever graced life
with their presence

and the essence
of all that we are
with all that will ever be
as we express
the light
through each perceived night
of our understanding

and all the demanding
for solace and peace
will come to be
in the end of days
a place where time
enfolds it’s self
that it may for once
stand still
in that fertile garden
of imagination

and the sweetness
actualized in the fruit
of men’s better wishes
shall be set upon the table
that all may eat
and be filled

and all the blood ever spilled
in the illusion
shall become the bounty
for the endless day
for we have paid thus

the price has been exacted
in the delusions
and they no longer lend credence
to our ways of old

the sun shall be in our hearts
and we shall embrace each other
as does the petal
to the bud
and to the fragrant joys
of being

and i,
i the witness
am seeing
the rivers dance
evoking spirits
of water nymphs
singing the divine songs
of the Gods
where the ecstasy
of hearing such
become the sensual reality
of being

and laughter and smiles
will adorn all faces
and the goddesses of pleasures
have kiss, blessed and blissed
all spaces between all souls
and we will live
in the infinite moment
in celebratory movements
of mind
and soul

no . . .

a billion stars
can not contain
my hopes
my dreams
for love

for this is who i am

© 26 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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