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Saturday, July 30, 2011

for that is our quest

for that is our quest

one can not penetrate
the realm of the “Unknown”
save by the Gate
and that is known

pass through the portal fearful one
it has been too long
since you tread this way

and eon of days
laud the presence
of your absence
but yet we were filled
for there are no voids
which hold nothingness

is not the emptiness
a thing

like a Score Sheet
yet to be penned
there lies expectation
waiting on but time
to deliver the sacred notes
which adorns with allure
and brings forth purpose

and soul too knows
of this thing
that awaits the breath of Master
that imbues life in color
that it may dance again
prance again
on fulfilled promises
found only
in the eating of it’s fruit

and the sweetness
can not be denied
nor it’s gifts of ecstasy
for passion
serves unto it’s self
burning the dross into vapor
that it’s own reflections
may be held
in the solidaritous eye
of truth
where what was seemingly amiss
termed in the Empiric’s Court
to be fallacy
and unknown
is remembered
for that is our quest

© 30 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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