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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

for this thing i feel . . .

for this thing i feel . . .

they told me i would burn in hell
for this thing i feel for you
and if that be my lot
please God
let me excise this Demon
before i submit

let me experience this itch
and it’s scratching
and the caresses
ushered through space
by the breath of Venus
for never before
have i seen this
self of me in such a state
of need

they ask of me penance
before the sentence
of the letter of condemnation
i must wear
to let all know
i followed my lust
in trust

i believe
that what i was feeling
was meant to be shared
as i bared my self
and stood naked
in the reflections
of my basest of passion
for you

Condemn me
if you must Teacher
Condemn me my Holy Preacher
Condemn this Soul
that was never yours

and in the course
of your path
i am sure
we will meet again

and i pray for you
as you say you do for me
i pray for clarity
and not another truth
but reality
a valid certainty
that uncovers the “IS”ness
of creation
and it’s Progenitor’s visions

i want to know
who has sown
this Fruit of Passion
upon my loins
that makes me
want to taste you
and share
my sweetest imaginings
with you

yes, i want to feel
the liquid essence
of our love communion
across my lips
in this eternal moment

let me savor
the infinite embrace
found only in “Oneness”

if i am sleep
damn the awakening
as i feel all that i am
with an yet to be fulfilled
that grows ever more
with each breath

my heart is suspended
in the realm of anticipation
as this elation
without equivocation
continues to march
to the possibilities
of this journey

i be damned the Old one’s say
but i need you to know
that this day
i shall follow the ways of my Desires
i shall sit by the Fires of Passion
that burn within my Longings
i shall sup of the spirit of Blissful Thoughts
i shall dine at the table of Expectations
and i shall listen
in the Movement of Silence
in Stillness
to that Holy Resonance
that stirs my Soul

for this thing i feel . . .

© 19 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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