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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

needful things

needful things

i stood facing the East
my longings bared
and upon the surface
of my consciousness
seeking an understanding
that would fulfill

there were things
not only of body,
but of heart

needful things

we endure the lack
with hopes
that our cries are heard
while the tears of despair
stain our hopeful light
and pricks the bladder
that holds the air
of wantings
and desires

we are the ones . . .
for sure we are,
yet we cling
we let loose
we cling
we let loose
in our cyclic understanding
of our abilities
wedged betwixt the teachings
of our faith

needful things

matters not whether it is perception
nor illusion
the impact is the same
and when the Sun rises to greet me
i only wish to hear the utterance
of a name
i can call on
that requires not my patience
or the holding of etheric wishes
to greet me
where life’s authenticity resides

i am not hiding
yet there are shadows seeking
to engulf me
and what little light i see
about me
within me

and as a knight
in the night
i draw my sword of discernment
dashing it’s blade
slashing at my own
and elective delusions,
those that i see
in the deceptive
reflective light of the Moon

waxing or waning

needful things

shall i be the Champion
of my own making ?
am i the Wizard
of this Soul Spoken Alchemy
the Masters,
the Mystics
and Sage speak of ?
is love truly the answer ?
and what does Romance have to do with it ?
and do i truly understand
the demands upon my call
for my evolution
beyond the presence
of what i call light ?

i stand in the Halls of the Holy
the moment of “NOW”
OPEN . . . .
and ready
as best i can
as a man
and as a child
is the compelling nature
of my desirous essence
and suspect presence

so this is the moment
here i am
offering that which i own
the nothingness
the emptiness
that i may be filled
as i spill my request

while Confessing
and the offering of Prayers

yes, i have
done it all
and still i have these

needful things

© 19 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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