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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Sacrifice . . .

The Sacrifice

Easter, what a wonderful time for me to write about this message. Do not get me wrong, i am not here purporting any one to accept any Religious Doctrine of Belief. I am here simply to give an analogy based upon what i perceive as very relevant to the times and our lives. You may say if you wish that the timing is somewhat suspect, but it is truly my inspiration that has lead me to this path this day.

When we think upon the significance of this time of year, we all pretty much know the Story. Jesus was Punished, Crucified, and after much Pain he arose on the Third day after his Death. There is another very significant statement that Jesus made earl in His Ministry . . . . “I lay down My life that I may pick it up again!”  This is the subject of this analogy.

Many times in our own lives we find ourselves in a place of suffering. It may be for a variety of reasons that we feel this way. It may be the circumstances of our lives. Or it may be the lack of  desired progress, whether it be Spiritually, Intellectually or Physically rooted matters not, for all enduring troubles will eventually transmute into our Spirit. This is the time when life becomes lesser than our perceptions of it. It becomes a yoke of burden that continually weighs our Spirits down. Sometimes we find ourselves becoming very depressed and full of Woe and Despair.  For myself as well as most of us,, this is when we recognize in not so subtle ways that change is necessary . . . indeed. Have you ever experienced this feeling? Many times the change must be so dramatic to escape the syndrome of Self Repugnation. (New word) But, again we feel that Life is closing in. This is when i know that the best thing we can do is let go. Let go of our Judgments, Analyses, Condemnations and all other Self Paralyzing and Demeaning attitudes we have seemed to collect and cherish. I know some of us do get a Joy out of complaining no matter how short lived and ultimately damaging. But when it is all said and done, change is still required.

What a wonderful quality we have in our Mind. That at any given time we can change it. We can change our Focus. We can change our Priorities. We can even change our Allegiances and Loyalties. I say this because most times the inhibiting factor of change is Guilt. We many times in our goodness of spirit and heart align ourselves with things and life styles that are not in our best interests, nor mean us any good, yet we “STICK”! I am proud of you ! (ha) But i do believe that a man with no Wisdom, Knowledge or Insight to Truth can lend it not. So i say this, do not fear change, however we must keep our Eyes Open, and our Notepad and Pen ready that we may record our efforts and experiences through the process of change that we may lend it to others, if not ourselves for another time of similar circumstances. You see, every time we face insurmountable odds, we have the gift to be able to “Lay down our life that we may pick it up again”! In the remaking of our “New Life” we offer our Old Life, it’s values and perspectives as “The Sacrifice” !

Many who were not there to assist you in your plight, or who denied you when they had the chance to “Stand Up” and be “Counted” will be there in the Abundance and Resurrection to Life!

Blessed Be


(c) 9 April 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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