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Saturday, April 9, 2011

in the world of my imaginings

in the world of my imaginings

it all started with a dream
and i dreamed of her nightly
and daily too
she slowly waxed her persona
into my every waking thought
she was the moon of my night sky
the light within my darkness
i never knew was there before

she was the skin
to the body of my consciousness
and she held me together
yes, she was tight

right now as i close my eyes
she is there painted indelibly
on the inside of my eyelids
in 3 D
dancing joyfully
waiting for my arrival
and here i am
ready to submit again
to the love again
of her presence

just how can i explain to you
what she makes my mind do
for she is the stasis
for my basis
my Ying and my Yang
and to me
it ain’t no thang
for i would have it no other way

i remember the day i met her
i think
or was that a dream as well
well, i can no longer tell
where my reality became my fantasy
or is it my fantasy
became my reality
for to me
she is real
and i can feel
every lyrical movement
of her soul
as she cajoles
the best of me to come forth
and impart my heart
with all of who i am

the realness
or the surreal-ness
matters not
for in the world of her and i
i am sweating
to the dance of love
and i have forgotten my anguish
and there is no language
save that of poetry
by which i can express her
and dress her
in a way you can understand

and right now,
i have been away a bit too long
for i hear the calling
that melodic song
of enchantment
demanding my return
yes, my return to the fire
that i may fulfill my yearning
as this burning inside of me rages
to be quenched
and i am so elated to do so
and this desire will not be denied
nor defied

so i return to my dream
and i dream the dream of bliss
and the holy kiss
she imparts upon my lips
in the world of my imaginings

© 9 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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