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Sunday, April 17, 2011

of liquid love . . .

of liquid love

yes, they were but thoughts
and yet somehow they seemed so real
and i could actually feel them
feel her
feel her skin as i allowed my fingers
to drift languidly across the vast expanse of her body
just as she danced in the vast expanse of my living dream

yes, i refuse to let go
or wake up
‘cause this place i am in at this moment
has me erectly paying attention
to the goodness life affords
one who loves another this deeply

i deliberately close my eyes to all external sensations
and i can smell her body moisture
that which wafts through the air from the valley of her breasts
as the swelling nodes of her twin mounds of excitement
rise to greet my teasing tongue
as it explores it’s command of her senses
and arousals

and i go deeper still
into this chasm of my lost self
where the valley of all her womanhood resides
and i start to swoon in the euphoric atmosphere
of being here
and yes, i am lost
and i like it
i love it
i need it . . .badly

i hear a distant drum beating
i think the natives have been aroused
as my heart excitedly considers the possibilities
of what is about to manifest
and my expectations have a taste of unrequited
and uninhibited ecstasy
all should experience
at least once in their life time

there is a fire somewhere burning
and i can smell the fumes
and feel the consuming heat
as my loins start to boil
and i smile
for this shit is good
and i would have it no other way

and though her countenance is like a sunshine to my life
the way her face lights up
and irradiates all that is about me
and as beautiful as her countenance may be
it is not her face that holds my attention in this moment
though her lips are full and pursed
my imaginings have already used them thoroughly
and the residue liquid of our pre love
drips ever so slowly upon the sheeted plane of our bed we share
puddling only to serve as a reminder
of what we are about to do
as i lay her gently upon her back

her eyes envelope me in our mutual longing for cessation
and my prominent digital elation
takes notice and leaps forward
towards it’s ultimate destiny
that it too may taste what it feels like
to be buried alive
in a liquid grave of love
a place where he will go to but shrivel and die

the door is slightly ajar
and i push with a certain determination
and i mean slowly
that i may fully enter
and enjoin our very Souls
that i may feel every crevice and nuance of a acceptance
of the offering of my firm love
and thus i am fully welcomed
into this abode of hot, steamy joy abound

as i excitedly
make known my presence
i feel her essence greet me
flowering, blossoming
to receive me
all of me
seen and unseen
like the prodigal son that i am
she embraces me
envelopes me
consumes me
and i mean totally

i begin my work
and i pay homage
deep homage to those secret places
where no man has gone before
and deep within this cavern
i find that magic door
waiting for my arrival
and i smile
as she begins to weep
the songs of ecstasy and bliss
as i kiss those lips
that drips
with the evidence
of our Love’s presence

and with no warning
the storm begins
and the fury of our congruous bodies attacks
and i put my hands in the small of her back
pulling her closer until our passion becomes one
one song of painful screams of fulfillment
as i discharge
the full charge of my orgasmic duty
of liquid love

© 16 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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