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Thursday, April 7, 2011

let me Dream . . .

let me dream

i am the Square Root of eternity
yes, “I” am infinite
i feel it in my Soul
there are things within me
that are exponentially beautiful and magical
and i am on the path of discovery of such things
and my soul sings to the tune of my possibilities
and they are endless

my heart resonates the joy
of connecting with you
in doing so
i discover
more of me
my lover
the “I’ in me

what about my Dreams is dismal
i am the maker of the wonder
i hold within
and i stand above
that negative seed you sow
you know

i am perfectly made
by a Perfect Architech
of all that exists
and i will dismiss
your misgivings
that i am living
for the morrow

Life is here
and i will not live in the fear
of this grande day
that says
salvation is upon the horizon

who do you know of
that ever was able to capture
such a notion
the motion of
the drinking of
the elixir of love’s potion
is exercised in the now
and somehow
we must open the Soul’s eyes
and see for our selves
and realize
that we are life
and fear serves us not

let me dream

© 4 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Anonymous said...

I always love and enjoy reading words of truth and love you word my world ..

mc beatrix said...

We belong to light and sound ... we are one

The Gardener said...

i thank you for the love . . . i am humbled, i am honored . .
love and blessings