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Sunday, April 3, 2011

i am . . . absolved

i am  . . . absolved

the Demons of Darkness
are dancing with glee
for the Children
have not yet fully awakened

the bells on the Steeple
are still ringing
calling home all who have forsaken
their Cosmic Birthright
in the midst of this night
adorned with things
which ushers forth the grande delusion

and the collusion betwixt the fallen
the conspiracy
found within their heresy
has stifled the sound
the sound of the calling
which we have been waiting for
for so many eons

my soul is screaming
let us arise
let us get up
let us dance in the night
let us dance in the light
of the distant memories
and the faintly twinkling Stars
and the liquid luminescence of the Moon
let us dance the dance
of a truth
that is not moved
and is not soothed
by the smooth tongues of deceit

let us speak that word
known only to the Great Soul
that which resides within me
that word
that has not been heard
since “Life’s Tree”
has been planted in the Garden

by the Four Rivers i stand
with eyes opened
and out stretched hands
that i may receive
thy blessings Father
anoint me
hearken unto my plea
that overflows with the anguish
of illusions endured
and the hunger
for joys still yet desired
that which emanates
within the abysmal depths of me

and i beseech thee
let not death
nor her family of trickery
have it’s way
nor triumph
this day

for the morrow
when my Sun arises
and recognizes who i am
my sorrow is reconciled
and all vile things
shall  no longer be
for i am awakening
and i most assuredly see
the legacy
of the Bliss filled life
You would have for me
when i commune
and realize
that i am One with Thee

and my Soul Speaks “aye”
and i will not deny
that in a “Twinkling of an Eye”
the lie is vanquished
and the Ancient language of thy love
will be spoken freely once again

we will dance to the tune
and all be it
none to soon
and Truth will forever reign
as my tears rain down
and i submit to the divine acknowledgement
of the presence of the Holy
of all things manifest

i will bask in the light of “BE”ing
and no longer fleeing
that inner light i could never escape

and i bow in “The Know”
that as the Four Rivers do flow
into Eternity . . . Eternally
that i too am “The Infinite”
and that i am
as i have always been
“I AM”

and in that moment
when the final Epiphany
greets my consciousness
with that Sacred Kiss

i am  . . . absolved

© 3 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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