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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



the silent and now prone bodies are lamenting
opportunities passed upon
while the souls of the free
are dancing
upon their graves
for they are liberated

though many are scheduled to return once again
to learn the lessons embraced by the infinite
they cherish with glee the vacation
from the burden
the yoke
of physicality
and this reality

the universe takes a breath
as the transdimensional winds comes about
 to sweep them along
to their place in line
the line of destiny
where all things are fulfilled
and there it will be divulged
their next station in this existence

and the persistence
of their pending fate
worries them not
for worry and doubts now lies and rots
with the bodies they left behind
and they know with all due certainty
that again they are free
for that is the language all souls speak

they know all too well
that their soul seeds
shall again germinate
in the womb of life
and the dust of the earth
shall give unto them a new burden
to be yoked upon their aspirations to ascend
as they prepare to traverse this precarious landscape
of delusional being-ness

and once again
as the challenges of the absence of divine memory
hones the acuity of their understanding
of universal mind
they will seek
some will find
but all will travel the path

and with an anticipation seeded in truth
these souls speak of the journey
where they like the Salmon of the Rivers
shall spawn again
and again
and again
giving unto life

and with reverent smiles of a certain knowing
they dance
and they dance
and they dance
for they know of the ultimate of all truths
that life is truly everlasting
and the typecasting of  the lies
still lies now in a somber silence
with the bodies they left behind
the bodies that lie prone
and lament for another eternity
feeding the future
of those still yet to come


© 26 April, 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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