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Monday, April 18, 2011

a friend called self

a friend called self

here i sit
in the pre dawn morn
awaiting the instructions of the Gods
my Soul open
my consciousness pensively listening
for the whispers

where are my muses
where are the Saints
what would you have me to say
this day
upon the way
you would have me walk

i go to the center
the center of me
where the voices congregate
and i wait
in the looming silence

there is a feeling of quiet safety here
a place where fear is not allowed
and all is clear
and the shrouds that litter thought in the light
reside not
for here i have forgotten who i am
and how i define my self
when i am seen

i am  keenly aware of this body
i carry
or that carries me
during this brief journey here
year after year
through my smiles
my laughter
my anguish
my tears

and though i have yet to be clear
as to what the purpose is
and what the final outcome is to be
i do know that the sum of me
is so much more
for in the core of me
there is something quite magnificent
i have seen it in you too
that shining light
that emanates on through
the Human of your being
and with that i am enlivened
and it is confirmed
that none of us are alone
so be it known

so here i sit
submitted to listening
for voices
and thus they have spoken
this pre dawn morn
and adorned life once again
with insightful amend
that within each of us
there is a friend
that tends to heaven within
a friend called self

© 18 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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