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Thursday, April 28, 2011

and i am hers . . .

and i am hers

Love is my constant companion
and my sanctity
and i am hers as well
without me she has no voice
she is but a mute in a world of noise

if i feed Her not
surely she will starve
and in this malnourished state
she will dry up
and become the chaff of the desert winds
in this barren landscape
that used to vibrantly live
and feed the substance
of all hearts

if i give her not of my waters of spirit
she will wither back to the nothingness
that which was before things manifest
and lest i consent to her well being
she will never know the joy
of touching another soul
ever again

for Love is my slave
as she is yours
to command
to hire out
at no cost
to all you encounter

i can dress her as i wish
as a smile
a caring gesture
and empathetic look
or even a thought

i adorn her with light
and she multiplies
that which i give to her
for she is a good steward
of my soul

i feed her the fruits
of my noble intent for goodness
borne of the seeds
i have planted
all my life
and i know thus
that she has fulfilled her duty
for it was love
that nourished my garden
when i was absent
in my unconsciousness
or while i slept

it is i who sustains her
as do you
it is the “i’ in us all
that gives Love life
and she is ever grateful
as am i
and i bow in reverence
with the temperance of eternity
for i yearn not
love is my constant companion
and my sanctity
and i am hers

© 27 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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