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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Bastard . . .

This Poem is written from a Dark Place. The reason for this write is to promote Healing and Awareness of such things that goes on in the lives of our children. we must protect them and hopefully we can become aware of the signs that allows us to address such situations before they occur . . . This pains me deeply . . .

the bastard

i could see her pain
painted in the empty smile
she wore up her face
because she felt she had to
just as she did so many years ago
as she silently laid upon her bed
and allowed him to have his way with her

she is still cowering in a fear
of being discovered
of speaking her pain
and thus
she can not escape
the demons of darkness
that infected her life from that moment on

she still lives in the horror
of that day
she still feels the stabbing pain in her soul
as he penetrated her
again and again

why would God allow this to happen to her
is God alive she has asked
since that day
why does the sunshine scare her
yes, it was sunny that day
when he had his way

she remembers the blood
and the grunting
and the weight
and the smell of his breath
and his sweaty body
and when she closes her eyes
she lives that everlasting moment
again and again

she swore she would not tell
and she embodied this torturous anguish
all by herself
and she remembers his smile
and the dollar he gave her
and the sound of his “Thank You Darling”

the bastard

© 3 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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