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Thursday, April 7, 2011

it is time

it is time

there is a pathway cut
through the wilderness of my consciousness
that my dreams have prepared for me
that takes me to the other side
where my bliss resides

the way is hidden
and perhaps is forbidden
by the elements
of dominions
and principalities
that wish to control my realities
but i will not be deterred
for i have deferred much to long
tarried and listened to the song
the song of anguish
the lost souls sing
about every little damned thing

even i have chimed in
every once in a while
embracing convolutions
relinquishing my smile
just to feel that i belonged
and right or wrong
i felt i was not alone
but alone i was just the same
for in the game of blame
no one really benefits
but everyone loses
when one chooses
to travel the path
of no responsibility
for our abilities to overcome
are compromised
by our own doing

perhaps if i try these wings i have been carrying
i can rise above
and quit my tarrying
along this path i travel
and perhaps i can unravel
the mysteries
of my seeming inadequacies
that i have been taught
and know that the prize
i have always sought
is mine to claim
and i will do so in my name
this day
my way

yes, let me adorn the wings
i have scorned
for the burden was much to much to bear
let the winds of change
caress my hair and my soul
yes, let me embrace the Sun
the Sun that rises to greet life
and the divine me
as i gather the “Self” of me
and create the reality
that i choose
for i refuse to acquiesce
to the silence
and in total defiance
i declare

it is time

© 5 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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