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Sunday, April 3, 2011

i am black . . i am colorful

i am black . . i am colorful

i am not only black
i am colorful
no, i am not in denial
and i will not be denied
any more to speak out
for i have no doubts
what so ever
of how beautiful i am
how divine i am
how fine i am
for i am

you see,
i say that i am colorful
for i am a composite
of all the colors
my attributes are a collection
of the best of all things
the essence of all things

i was called the dark one
for i was
and continue to be
too deep to be understood

men in sheets
and white hoods
could not
and can not stop my shine
and though my history threatens you
it is still mine

from the Mesopotamia valley
to that sweet berry named Halle
i am diverse
and my variegated color
is not a curse
for i am the unique one
of this universe

bondage was nothing for me
for the soul of who we are
has always been our divinity
from Hannibal to basketball
we stood
and we still stand tall
and though we may have fallen at times
we get back up
and that has always been our specialty
and our ability
is to endure
and overcome
and that is the creed of our life
through all the oppression
and still
we are pressing
to brighter days
creating a new way
in our own colorful ways
and this is what i says
as does creation

i am not only black
i am colorful

© January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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