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Thursday, April 21, 2011

of knowing . . .

of knowing

he turned the Earth upside down
that he may peer under the skirt of reality
he  desired to look directly into the womb of the Mother
that he could discover
what was being birthed
upon this Earth

he knew that she was in travail
as she regurgitated
all the ill spoils of her Children
they deposited in her bowels in their errant
indifferent musings
of advancement
and progress
as they regressed
into the realm of darkness

and Mother was still smiling
in spite of her
for she knew Her treasure
was still yet undiscovered
in this time
this age

and as the Sages all foretold
it is not the Bold
who shall conquer their self
but those who are the meek
and have the knowingness to seek
the truth of self
in silence
by listening
and paying attention
without contention
to Nature’s whispering voices

for the choices of man
can not stand
like the House of cards
built upon the foundations of sand
it shall fall
and waver
with the winds
that blow without cease
disturbing the peace
of their sleep

and in the bosom of Mother
i can hear her weep for us
betwixt her smiles of understanding
and tolerance
for she has been here many times before
imploring us but to observe
the servings of time
be offered unto us
hoping that we will trust
in eternity’s absoluteness
and pass beyond this finite test
and start glowing
and start flowing
with the River
to the Ocean
of knowing

© 21 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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