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Monday, April 11, 2011

the mystery of why

the mystery of why

there is a certain level of moxy
we all need to possess
as we continually
day after day
arise to go forward
toward some unknown destination
unraveling the mystery of why

i often ask the question
what is it i seek
and will i be satisfied
and what is this grande truth within me
that i feel i have denied
at times

and in the bigger picture of things
if i can think that large
just who is it that is in charge
of this whole scheme of things
that brings forth much anguish
and tears
through our doubts
and fears
and just why
do we have to confront such
is that too much to ask

some would say
it is i
and if that be so
then i am letting go
of all the nonsense
that offers no recompense
for somehow
this day
i don’t get it again
and the rut i live in
is deepening again
my friend
for today resembles yesterday
and all i can think of to say
makes no sense
in common
or otherwise
and though the skies
and my horizons of possibilities
seem endless
i am tired of chasing the prize

so the new thing is
The joy is in the journey
that seems appropriately so
for all of us out of the loop
of knowing the truth
and i remember in my youth
when i did not give a damn
and i looked forward to the tomorrows
for it represented a new day
of play

perhaps that is what is missing
and why our ships list
in the waters of malcontent
and i am pissed so often
these days

and i mask my spirit
with a concocted joy
created just by me
and my needs for liberty
from the perceivable oppression
i perceive
from which i wish to be relieved

answer do not seemingly present themselves
in this realm
of the dimming light
and it is not night that comes
that ushers forth this darkness
and though we hearken
to the winds of change
for deliverance
we cling to the same old dogmas
like the dog of the nuclear age
who owns the last bone

and though we do need to believe in something
i constantly am beginning to question
what is known
and who is it that knows it
and in this brief requite
and my search for some light
in this looming night
i finally must just relinquish
for the anguish of the search
despoils the joy of the journey

and if that is all i have to hold on to
some wisping etheric thought that provides solace
this day
then that is the way
i will allow my thought to travel
and hopefully
yes hopefully
some day some
genetic misfit shall come along
and unravel the mystery of why

© 11 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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