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Saturday, April 30, 2011

River Service . . .

River Service

Water rushing down the River
seeking it’s course
as are we
very much like the River
we rush along
for all the things we long for
yet, many time
never appreciating the course we travel

yes, the River is wetted
and embedded
in it’s own consciousness
emoting the noise
of it’s own being-ness
yet with more
or with less
it shall continue
upon it’s predestined journey

and as i stand and listen
to the whispers
to the glistening rivulets
churning and turning
across the rocks upon it’s bed
in my head
i hear a message
directly from my soul
as it speaks to the soul
of the River

it tells of the River’s purpose
and all the un told stories
the stories it has collected
over the years

it ells of the days of glory
and how it too tamed a wilderness

it tells of all the passersbys
and the Hikers
and the Bikers
and those who would sit in solace
upon it’s banks
and the reverent thankfulness
for all those who shared their tears
and their glee and laughter
throughout the years

yes, the River has many secrets
it holds silently in it’s Soul
from the wanderers
the seekers
and all those who have visited upon her presence
imparting their presents
of life

i now look at this River
a giver of life
and with it’s abundance
it’s rife
it has fed many
as it still does
in the spirit
the mind
the body

and i now understand this River
and it’s reclusive purpose
and that is but to be
as should we
of service to life
and flow

River service

29 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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