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Friday, January 6, 2012

yes . . . i want

yes . . . i want

i want to whisper sweet things into your ear until they start to drip with honey and the sugar crystallizes so i can suck on your lobes forever . . . ya ready ? . . . do you hear me ?

i want to visit your Holy Garden and plant deep kisses in your furrow that i may restructure your mind and your vocabulary so that the only three words you will ever utter again in your life are “Oh Bill mmmmmmmmmmm”

i want to lick your Desires for Divine Ecstasy until you want no more, for that is what i come for, to make you my Vision, my Blissful Objective and i your Dream Master.

i want you to scream those three words i have taught you every time you blink your eyes for i am all you see . . . me, preparing you once again for that next step as you taste of this heaven where we become eternally connected in the Communion of a Love that makes the Angels blush and God smile.

i want to teach you the Acrobatics of Love beyond understandings of possibilities, those positions that make the Kama Sutra run away and hide like the Kids Play it is.

i want you to hold my Head Softly, Delicately, Lovingly upon your Breast, in between every Breath and every Heartbeat, for you complete me as i complete you, for i am your life essence as you are mine.

i want you to be thankful for every wrong turn you have made in life for it was those wrong turns that were the right turns, for they brought you to me, for i have been waiting for you a Lifetime  . . . and the song of your heart you now sing makes Flowers Dance and Butterflies Smile and God pats Himself on the back as He says to Himself “Well Done”

yes . . . i want

(c) 6 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.


1manview said...

Erotic mixed with love... very nice write...

Martina said...

I read this once, then went for a glass of champagne to read it again. I've read it again and am reaching for the Old Bushmills next. Just WOW, sweet Bill. That is a killer poem.

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

i thank you so much for your kind commentary .. . i am humbled and honored . . . . thank you again