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Thursday, January 12, 2012



there is a presence
a chaotic noise
awaiting it’s turn to speak
lurking in the shadows
on the fringes of my peace
seeking naught but opportunity
to poison and infect my consciousness

yes, these voices
they offer reason
laced with a twisted logic
that we all can understand
and relate to
but you
can never get rid of them
once they move in

they look to sleep on your bed
lay their head
beside you
on your soft pillow
that they may whisper
in moving silent syllables
to you
in your ear
in lieu
of dreams of beauty
and other sweet ecstatic things
so we think

and we awaken
each morning
carrying forth
the darkness of doubt
into a world of sunshine
and rising suns
giving them to our Sons
and our Daughters
drawing no quarters
as we diligently attempt
to slay their futures
labeling life with such things
as respect
and obedience

i call it forced acquiescence

we make careful incisions
and infect their open wounds
that fester in their eternal souls
we pretend to suture
the holes
with the offerings
of empty
and false compassions

but why do we have
such passions for darkness
and self inflicted pain
found under the rock of rote
and rite
and doctrine
and dogma
can you build a house upon it
i think not

for it is a rock
that rocks
and sways
each day
with the winds of change
and challenges
for it is a house
that stands on its own
only in the enigmatic imaginings
of mad men
and women too
like me
like you

within each of us
there is chaos
to which we apply
such rationalizations
of actualizations
with validations
and falsely induced

we feed this too our offspring
that they may grow to be like us
and we see that same bullshit
in the reflections
of their characters
looking just like us

i am not impressed

have we ever
truly addressed the truth
that we know Jack Shit
yeah he live next door
a doctrinal whore
who sells her soiled panties
to all who would listen
polished and glistening
the lies
to make them a bit more palatable

but a mistruth
deliberate misinformation
or whatever we wish to call it
is still a lie
so let us clear the table
and start all over again

clean the pots Ma
scrub them well
let us loose
all remnants of Hell
before we prepare the meal
we are all too willing to eat
and feed our children

let us not give this present
from the presence
to the world to come
by accepting the redundancy
of stupidity
and insensitivity
and indifference
with deference
and an alacrity
of our own numbness

let us sit in the silence
and take watch
and observe
the shadows dance for attention

move not
close you ears
to the incessant whispering
of their reason
and logic
for what comes thereafter
are the lost souls
who continue
the venue
and there
is but chaos

(c) 8 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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