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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Home . . . come

Home . . . come

there is a flame
that burns
in the deepest recess of my heart
and it burns for you,
waiting for you
lighting your pathway home

the child within me
sits in solace
quietly praying
for your safe return
that i may hold you again
in the embrace
of the Holy

the Angels dare not make a sound
for the reverence
of this sacred moment
which holds all eternity
calls forth but a word
a voice
only God himself may speak

and we await pensively
for that utterance of praise
when the Bride and her Groom
are reunited
in the chamber of matrimonious union

as my Brother Solomon once said
thy Breast, my Love are Comely
and i long to lay my head
and listen to the Universal rhythms
of thy heartbeat
as it speaks and confirms
the truth of our oneness

images of long ago
sweet memories
still dance
and dominate my thoughts,
for consciousness
of your “here-ness”
is all i desire

so long have i longed
to feel thy gentle touch
upon my skin of my reality
that it may dispel these delusions
yes, delusions i have created
to keep me company,
delusions that you
have never left me

i had to deny this truth
to maintain my sanity

it is not vanity
but my “Vain-ness”
that does adorn my house,
that which whispers questions
offering a confirmation
while seeking an affirmation
that i do deserve thee

but truth of the Light to be told
to complete me,
and fulfill the cup of my dreams
that i may drink again
from that fountain of love
borne in the Womb of Creation,
in you

i have kept the lantern of hope burning
for surely if i am not diligent
darkness would consume me . . .

i abide in this whirlpool of convolution
with my loins afire
with this burning desire
and a relentless passion
that again we will consummate
our union
before the throne
which is seated
in the Garden of the Divine

this is the Sweet Fruit
that of a Soul fulfilled
where the Harvest is never ending

and thy sweet nectar of bliss
shall again drip
from my lips
and you shall feed that need
for me to plant my seed
of the divine

i shall plant them
in the furrows of thy goodness
the “IS”-ness
where the Children of Sovereignty are Borne
spawned in spite of
that which comes
to claim the hopes of man

and i a Retired Warrior
now sit in this Silence
listening for your Foot Steps .. .
i know them well

for each foot print of anticipation
is indelibly etched in my heart
as i sit here
on the edges of sunshine
cloaking myself with Dreams
and other Supplications
to Creation
and He who holds all things

i keep this Flame
for i am the “Keeper”
of that “Eternal Light”
within me

and each Heart Beat
each Breath
confirms that it is so
as i await your presence
your return
Home . . .  Come

(c) 31 December 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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