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Thursday, January 5, 2012

but a test you say

but a test you say

the uncertainty of the next footstep
though not prevailing
does have a permanent home
in the recesses of consciousness

with anguish and trepidation
it laces messages of woe unto all
who would listen

we call it wonder
a pretty little term
dressed in pinks and lilacs
to evade our fears

we have already prognosticated the tears
so that failure would not be so stinging
and we then can tell our selves
“I told you so”
you know what i mean

we have not yet seen
the wonder of our glorious beings
though we dream about it
speak about it
in attempt to conjure it forth
drawing it from the veiled dimensions
of our Supra Consciousness
but those whispering voices
steal our joy
before we can even deploy
something significant
in movement

so we pray
that the day will come
when we are blessed to hit the lottery
or manifest the imagery
of some other far fetched reality
that looms in the silt
buried diamonds
that need to be cleaned and polished
then sold

we sell our selves short every time
don’t we
and yet we beg
to be free
from the Demons we create
that our “Fate”
is understood
and we tell ourselves
we deserve such things

over and over again
we walk this cycle
sometimes we run
that we may again
start all over

funny the pleasure we seek
know that a treasure of self is peeking
as we are seeking
to not discover
the cover of our fears
yet we dare not reveal them
so we seal them
in the seas of our convolutions
again praying for solutions
we already possess

but a test you say
well . . .

5 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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