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Monday, January 9, 2012

she smiles . . . but not like Sarah

she smiles . . . but not like Sarah

she smiles at me
through the veil
of Pinks and Lavenders
with hauntings of past lives

her heart still longs
for that embrace
that all Virgins
who came to this world
dream of
the face of our Joys

they bore an innocence
for they only knew
this simple Truth,
that Dreams do come true
only to learn . . .
but not always here
for this is a different place
with different tastes
of self effacing realities

and the shadows enticed us to play
as they tease our longings
for they too clearly understood
the Heaven we journeyed from

we come for this brief visit
seeking the exquisite promises
that show up as lies

and in our own stubbornness
and obstinate-ness
we refuse to succumb
to the dumbed-down-mess
and confess
our errancy of thoughts
and visions

yes we must manifest
and employ our will

is this but another test
we ask
as we quest
to break the self agreed upon tethers
and borders
and  boundaries

we must weather the pending storms
in this journey through
this wilderness
this fleeting mixture
of convolutions
until we find solutions
and become clear again
as we face our fear again
and the tears again
will help

so we smile
in spite of
in light of
like Sarah ? . . . perhaps not
but we smile
like we know that we can
as we peek through the Veil
of this loosely woven fabric
called yet again . . .  Reality

she smiles . . . but not like Sarah

(c) 9 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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