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Sunday, January 1, 2012

i hear you

i hear you

like a reed in the marsh
wavering to and fro
in the soft Ocean breeze
i too have dreams of flying

to but embrace my Brother the Wind
and let him carry me to foreign lands
but i am rooted where i am
but i still imagine
of those things unseen

we vacillate betwixt such ends
creating our own convolutions
seeking solutions
to the seemingly impossible

my thoughts drift asunder
and my toes are stuck in the mud

the twilight approaches
the Sun of the evening
sets beyond the horizon
and gives way to the night
and the light of the Moon
draws forth the warm embrace
of the Evening Tide
as they come again
to kiss the shores of our consciousness

they come to my house
and lay gifts at my feet
tales of the travel they enjoyed

the Seas of the World
the Streams
and the Clouds of the Sky
and the Mountains and the Valleys
and we must mention the Rains
of the Rains

i stand ever so planted
lost in the whisperings of life
and the wonder of their journey
while the tentacles of my own doing
these non forgiving roots
which tether me to where i am
yet nurture who i am
holds me fast
where i am

the Sun of the Day
now slumbers as well
yet is now dancing with children
of another land
urging Workmen and Mothers
to indulge in the calling of Life
and duty
while some here sleep
but not i,
i am dreaming

i feel the nudging of my Brother, Wind
softly caressing
stirring me
reminding me
that this is not so bad
for he does bring the stories
and whispers them in my ear
and i softly reply
“i hear you”
Thank You

(c) 1 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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