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Thursday, January 5, 2012

well . . .

well . . .

i was in my Sock Drawer digging
looking through my underwear drawer as well
in the closet
under the bed
i bumped my head
for . . .
i was looking for a delusion
that would fit this day
i needed one badly

the way was dark
and i needed some light
even if it was but and illusion
created for my sedated self

i woke up this morning tired
grateful yes, for i did awake
to what is the issue

the same old perspectives greeted me
in the form of Emails
and messages
and posts
and i knew right then
that the first 3 hours of my day
was toasted
a waste ?

yes i needed a delusion
that would fit this contusion
where my heart was bruised yesterday
and the day before
as it is every day

the score is
Home ~0~
Visitors ~0~
and my Hero is still
the Silver Surfer
what for you ask
‘cause he can escape
with no need of a cape
like Superman
or Batman
or that man
who feeds me lies
every day
that he knows the way
is the Truth and the Light

where is it i ask
what is the task
of obeisance i must perform
is it prayer
the loosing of my fear
or is more tears raining down on my Soul
that is required ?

the Fire is not out
but i am pissed
to be constantly dismissed
to gather more damn wood
shit i have clear cut the forest already
and Betty and Boo
still give me the finger
and in other words or gesture
they say “F” you too
what are we to do . . .  now

some how i must find that perfectly fitted delusion
that fits like a glove
they keep telling me
it is love
well . . .

(c) 5 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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