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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Damn Muses . . gotta love them

Damn Muses . .  gotta love them

i have taken a seat beside the waters
and i listen to the babble
of the babbling brook
while looking upon the reflective rivulets
as my life streams by

the superfluous needs are evident
for my tears are flowing to join the run
the journey
to the ocean
where perhaps meaning may be lacking
but the embrace is calming

the questions of life
i have let go
and my frustrative heart vacated as well

yes, tired is an understatement
life never did offer a full stomach
in my brief stay here
all the meals
were but a temporary cessation
to what angst ?
i can not tell
for all i know is the emptiness

oh sure, like most of us
i vied for happiness
cried as well
and as far as i can tell
it is but a state of mind
until you find something else to focus on
and then . . .
yes . . . and then it is gone
vanishes in the ether

and neither way
whether i am Yinging
or i am Yanging
can i in permanence
tether it’s attributes
to my nonplussed Soul

we speak such lies in word
like Namaste’
do you have a mirror
so that i can peer
through that looking glass
the one where you see God ?
not just feel Him
for feelings are but a tease

i wish to be blinded like Tommy
by the Light
and have Elton sing
my Wizard Song
and i will Hum along
while sitting by this babbling Brook
who took time
to dictate this Poem

Damn Muses . .  gotta love them

(c) 24 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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