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Thursday, January 26, 2012

i serve the silence

i serve the silence

within the folds of silence
there is a noise
a voice
constantly beckoning
for my reckoning
and the awakening
of my greater self

all riddles have answers
i am told
all solutions
serve the equation
for that is their duty

i am listening
and i await the lighting
of the candle
that i may remove the bushel
that all in the room may see
and again the formulas fails

where, what is that cloak
that veils the essence
of this light within
casting dispersion upon self

to what end does that serve
does it validate sin’s presence
of that of the illusion

the age of confusion
is upon us
twirling and knitting
and gnarling and sitting
working convexments
around and through
the minds of men
that we may create our own delusions
by the dozens
wholesaling our souls
to the highest bidders

bloodied esteems
litter the landscapes
of the promises we dream of

for some, it is all we have left
dreams so we may think on it

so why not think on
about the uselessness
of aspiring thoughts
which are tethered
neither to deed not intent

the jackal captures the imaginings
in the throes of carnality
revealing the futility
of our mountains of civility
laced with the bitters
the poisonous flavors
of protocol
and the call
is unanswered

so this is why
i chose the silence
though it is but another tease
i yet still seek it
here upon my proverbial knees
listening for that voice i serve
i serve the silence

(c) 18 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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