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Thursday, January 26, 2012

losing the battle . . .

losing the battle . . .

he held his dreams closer than reason
to him the world as he knew it
was losing the battle of importance

cleverness was overrated
no one gets out alive
we were just moved to another cell
and then the rumors started

life is like that, isn’t it
you know . . .  what you believe

and we approach with reverence
laced with a fear
the edge of the abyss

the voices whisper from the void
“Jump”, but you aren’t are you ?
You will return to the village
with another adventure story
to tell the children.

They used to call them Fables,
i call them Lies
for within me belies
a certain desperation
only the cries of a desperate soul
can abate with it’s rationale
and tears and cheers and laughter and smiles

a spiritual cocktail is being concocted
by some would be Teacher somewhere,
at this very moment,

one who wishes to instruct me
how to walk my path
i say, write a Book
and maybe someday
when i have time away from my life
i will read your story
that is what you want me to do isn’t it
read yours and forget about my own ?

Another “Self Proclaimed Knower”
of things they have never seen
through the portal of any of their eyes.
Surprise, that is what “Id” does

when the “IS” ness of self fades
we envision.
Like Television we turn on
and what peace you had
is gone
in the wisping ether
of the yesteryears of thought
no longer remembered
for the tethers of significance
are undone

we are filled with commercials
Prophets and Prophecies
and Legacies of times past
but what about NOW ?
i don’t want to dream no more
of what may be.
Dammit . . . i am a Beetle in the Bog
please . . .  “Let It Be, Let It Be”
Words of Wisdom . . .
only the “i” in Me can speak

and the irony of it all
the calling prevails
to hold on to the unseen
and he obeyed

he held his dreams closer than reason
to him the world as he knew it
was losing the battle of importance

(c) 19 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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