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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

who really understands ?

This Poem is inspired by My Brother Joski . . .
Much Love to you my Brother, my Friend . . .

who really understands ?

who amongst us truly understands
the path of a man
we call brother

who truly can feel
the pain another

we go about our lives
for we have our own issues
and woes
dancing in our thoughts

we sometimes employ our toes
to dance
that we may perhaps
dance our spirits away
far away
where we can no longer hear it
the cries of that inner child
for solace
and comfort

where we may
escape from the ghosts of darkness
that haunts all souls of light

and some
believe they are not
and can not be
but the auspiciousness of life
and i smile for them
for even in their delusions
they seem to be ok
for a while

others of us
have given up
attempting to reconcile
and reassemble the puzzle
of reasonable divinity

and with undue affinity
we yet still meander down crooked paths
we see as straight
but straight unto what i ask ?

i look to my left
and i sense pain
through my eyes
and they are open
for a moment
but i have to close them
and seek that place
that place of dreams
so i can face
all that seems
displaced in this heaven i desire

the fire i once avidly stoked
as a youth
quietly burns
with a sort of ambient glow
and most times i am content
to sit and watch the licks of flame
from orange to yellow to blue to red
and sometimes green
for there is still yet much
we have not seen
will we ever ?

and as clever as we may think we are
or i am
or wish to be
there is an looming uncertainty
as to where this path truly leads

yes like you too
i know what i have been told
and all i embrace as possibility
was put in the fold of “knowledge”
by someone else
who perhaps too
stood on this same precipice of self
seeking answers

and in the end of it all
wherever that may be
call it the land of the free for some
purgatory for others
i ask again
this simple question
for that other man
who resides in me
as well

who really understands ?

(c) 3 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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