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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

every day

every day

she sat in her room
almost all alone
just herself
a Muse
and memories
and it was enough

she was not playing house
but playing home
wishing for warm things
the way they use to be

she dressed the dolls
with smiles and love
using big brother’s red Magic Markers
to draw hearts on their faces
and any spaces she could find
God smiled too

i could tell you
there was no sunshine in her life
but that would be a lie
for she vied for it each day
when the rains of anguish
did not chase her inside
within herself

but she knew God was there
waiting for her
for He must have been lonely too

when she did go out to play
she did so with an unbridled passion
for she played to forget
the beatings
her Mother endured
from a man
who acted not like her Father

though he was
so long ago
he has been this way
every since he lost his job
and now they had to rob
Peter to pay Paul
when they could find him

and there were the voices inside
that was always waiting for her
in her special hiding place
the place she went
when she did not wish to face
the harshness of the possibilities
that the realities
she now endured
would last forever

what ever . . .

Mommy spent much time alone as well
locked in her room
she never smiled any more
like she used to
when they were a real family

but she, this little girl
found happiness
in those secret places
her own world
where she could dream
as she wished
about whatever she wanted
though she was haunted
by these dreams
that seemed
like they would never come back home

and this is why
she spent so much time in her room
where she could paint the walls with happiness
instead of the gloom
that living was giving to her
every day

(c) 2 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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