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Monday, January 9, 2012



people collect pets
i suspect
that is to detect
a certain level of compassion
within themselves

we have pet Goldfish
pet Dogs
pet Cats
pet Snakes
and Rabbits
and Habits
and pet People too
why i can even be a Pet for You

the farther West you go
the bigger the Pet Test you know

in some lands
if they could get their hands
on your pet
it becomes a meal
but we don’t feel
their need do we ?

we would kill
at will
anyone who puts
their hands on our pet
that’s a bet
and yet
there is a possibility
it will come to this yet
if we let our “Compassion”
or lack there of
continue to rule
“The Days of our Lives”

there are lands
where Dogs are not safe
Cats either
and there are lands
where people eat People
don’t we

you see
it is a matter of perspective
the electives we employ
and how we deploy them

with a little Soy Sauce
and they will toss
that baby on the plate
why you ask ?
when was the last time you ate ?

Yeah, people are hungry
for something
like such things as Food
for the Body
the Spirit
the Mind
or some Hottie
who makes them salivate
to taste how it feels
for hunger
to be abated
once again

keep an eye on your Pets
and your compassion too
but first let our love
be between me and you
Feed the people

9 January 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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