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Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Perspectives

Love Perspectives

(a Love Collaboration with Janet Caldwell and William S. Peters, Sr.)


i met her upon my journey
i offered a smile

she had no trust of men
it seemed

i persisted in showing her kindness
and she began to believe
that she was worthy

you see
she arrived in my space
carrying tokens
of a past denied
washed away
from her sensitivities
because of all those tears
she cried
all those years

i see her tenderness
hidden just under her armor
for she was a warrior

in her own way
she fought each day
to hold at bay
her dismality
a haunting

she needed me
for she needed love
and that is what i do
at least that is what i thought


I met him on a dreary disdainful day
love it seemed, was not in the cards
at least not mine, anyway.

you see, i thought
Men were all liars and thieves
they steal your heart, leave you
in pieces, with no reprieve.

Somehow, he was different,
he listened with his heart
i could not move away.

As I explained my past to him,
my pain to him
he gently leaned in and kissed my
forehead, I didn't know what to say.

I rambled for hours and days on end,
he never left my side, i felt he loved me
and was proving to be a great friend.


she began to trust me
and trust me,
she confirmed me
for i was not sure
i could trust my self

you see,
i too have been hurt
cast aside
like dirt
mostly by my own doing

but here she is
my calm healing balm
embracing me
helping me
to face me
and my deepest fears
of being alone

there were songs
and tones
that have always played in my heart
and she helped me
to hear them
to see them
to see me
that i was a symphony
of me
and of her life

as time passed
she became my wife
and i thought my strife
had left for good

but there were challenges
because the sensations i dreamed of
forgot to dream with me

and my soullessness
heartless attitude
of vagrancy
and i spurned her
the only true love i could ever imagine
i burned her
and i turned from her
back to my own selfishness


I sensed a change,
something different
in his actions, his ways
something rearranged
I loved him anyway

I did not strive to change his mind
I continued to be sweet and kind

To love this man,
was my dream, my destiny
and I would not let him destroy this beautiful thing.

This thing called love
that which we had both
vied for
sighed for
and nearly died for

I would not let it nor him, walk out of my door.
for that is what God has made me for
to love him
and that i did
and i do


i thank God himself
for her,
for through her
i have come to see my self

all the while
while i was struggling
to reconcile
with my own Demons
she stood by

she was my Angel
beaming brightly
with love for me
to help me see
who “WE” could be
if but we
would work as one
one heart
one vision
one smile
one love


with One Love
we found a reconciliation

in my dedication
and our appreciation
for the us of us
was found

i was his Ruth
and he my Boaz
to whom my soul
is wed
for eternity

yes, love at times can be a test
of our earnesty
and with a certainty
we can see
a higher Truth


that love is truly . . . One


isha jain said...

i could not stop reading it again and agian...i liked it so much..

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

Thank you so much my Dear Friend . . . blessings . . . . <3