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Thursday, August 9, 2012

few remember

few remember

all souls have been
few remember
do you ?
Martin did

are you amongst the few
that recalls how your feet connected
to the resonant energy of being
upon that Mountain Top

we dream about it each day
it is that which our Soul longs for
. . . Home

the resplendent joys
can not be quantified
from this valley we inhabit
therefore we were given
a heart wrenching visit
that we may be compelled
to ascend back to our
glorious selves

the climb has been taking place
for ages
we get distracted
along the way

are you among the few
who remember
the purpose
of our being here

we are here to resurrect
that which has been cast down

the many Avatars
we have called Christ
and Krishna
and Buddha
made examples
and marked the path
back to Self
and that Divine Mind

yet we choose to bicker
about who has the slicker
to our own truth
when all along
as each Iconic presence
spoke to us
“it is in YOU”

do you remember

the smiles upon the faces
of children
and strangers
and that which occasionally
peers back
from that mirrors

they are lights in the wilderness
seeking to re-light your internal candle

do not be likened unto the 7 Virgins
who shine in pristine night skies

remove your light
from beneath that bushel
that cloak
that has your divinity yoked
and let your brother see
as well

let us dance
to that holy song
of reckoning

the calls are beckoning you

do you remember . . . you

© 9 August 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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